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About Our MD, DC and VA Electrical Company

Electrical CompanyWe are glad you asked! Choosing a contractor can be a daunting task. There are several important issues that distinguish Certified Electrical Technologies (CET) from the competition. They include:

CET offers a Lifetime Warranty on Labor. We stand behind our work 100%. If we make an error, we will correct it at no charge forever.

Specialization. There are many Electrical Contracting firms in the area. Most focus on either new Residential construction or on new Commercial construction. Very few companies specialize in Electrical Service. At CET we are not involved in new construction. The methods (and often materials) used in new construction are different than those used in service and repair. By focusing on this part of the electrical industry, we bring a great deal of knowledge and expertise to each project.

CET is family and locally owned since it’s inception in 1979. The owners and employees live and work in the area and have a vested interest in our communities.

Non-Franchised. CET is a privately owned firm that does not take direction from outside entities based on the “latest & greatest” business fads. We operate with sound business values that emphasize Total Customer Satisfaction. There are no gimmicks. We strive to provide the service that is requested, at the price quoted, at the time scheduled.

All CET technicians are employees. We do not use sub-contractors. Our techs are highly trained and are very experienced at Electrical Service. All CET technicians are background checked to ensure your safety and confidence.

CET techs are not commission-based. There are no incentives to “up-sell” customers. In most other firms the tech’s income is directly tied to how much he is able to sell to each customer. We believe this strategy compromises the firm’s integrity with a conflict of interest.

CET charges for service on a time and material basis. This means our clients pay only for the labor and material necessary for their projects. The latest fad in the industry is flat rate pricing. Flat rate (or per job) pricing methods not only include time for unforeseen circumstances (which are paid whether they happen or not) and are based on labor rates ranging from $150 to $200 per hour. These labor rates are substantially higher than the market average.

Reputation. CET has earned a great reputation from thousands of satisfied clients. We have high rankings from the Better Business Bureau, Washington Consumer Checkbook, and popular Service Provider Rating Lists. This reputation pays a high dividend. The majority of our business is repeat and referral business. This strategy means that we do very little advertising which allows us to keep our rates lower. We have found that there is a direct correlation between high advertising costs and poor reputation. Firms that have full page Yellow Page advertisements (or multiple pages) typically have a poor reputation. They are forced to spend a lot on advertising because they do not reap the benefits of repeat customers.

Licensed and Insured. Unlicensed contractors are very prevalent and can lead to costly mistakes. Click on our Licenses page to see that we are licensed in all local jurisdictions. We are happy to provide proof of insurance to clients at any time.

We suggest that you consider each of the factors above when choosing a contractor. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Contractors should not only be licensed and highly-skilled, but also have excellent communication skills and look forward to answering each of your questions to ensure that all of your expectations are known and all of your concerns are met.