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Emergency Lighting in Baltimore

There are may commercial businesses and public facilities that need emergency light and backup lighting. If you operate a venue where there are any areas within it that are potentially dangerous when dark, then you must have emergency lighting installed. Retail businesses also must have emergency lighting installed to prevent theft if the power were to go out suddenly. Honestly, every business can benefit from having emergency lighting installed in their building to keep customers and employees safe in the dark.

At Certified Electrical Technologies we provide emergency lighting design, installation and maintenance services. We are able to install functional emergency lighting schemes in commercial buildings for those emergency scenarios. The CET team is also able to repair and replace existing emergency lighting systems.

Emergency lighting is much different than your day to day lighting. All emergency lighting is meant for is to light the space enough so that people can safely navigate and escape it in the event of an emergency. Most emergency lighting is operated off of a back up generator or alternative power source. It typically focusses on lighting the floor and walkways so that people can safely navigate the space.

Who needs emergency lighting?

Anyone who operates a business in Baltimore should consider carefully whether or not they require emergency lighting. In the event of a fire, flood or even a simple power outage emergency lighting can become vitally important.

Certified Electrical Technologies team of lighting experts will gladly assist in the installation, maintenance and design of your new emergency lighting system.

For all of your needs relating to emergency lighting in Baltimore you can trust Certified Electrical Technologies!