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Commercial FAQ

What type of lighting is best for my business?

Does my office need a security system?

How do I deal with constant circuit breaker tripping?

Does my business need a standby generator?

What are the differences between commercial fire alarms and residential fire alarms?

What are the benefits of installing parking lot lighting?

Residential FAQ

Why is my smoke detector beeping non-stop?

Why do my lights flicker at home?

What is a ground fault interrupter (GFI) and its benefits?

Why should homeowners have whole-house surge suppressors?

What is the most energy-efficient lighting today that will cut down on electricity costs?

Can I do my own home electrical repairs?

My house has aluminum wiring! Does this mean I need to rewire my entire home?

Is excessive heating a sign of a serious electrical problem?

Why should I invest in outdoor lighting installation?

What does a hot tub installation involve?

What are the benefits of recessed lighting installation?


How can I get emergency service after normal hours?

Do you provide FREE estimates?

What other ways can I pay for work?

Which credit cards do you accept?