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Circuit Breaker Replacement in Baltimore

Circuit Breaker Replacement Baltimore

Circuit breakers are designed to protect your appliances or commercial building. If appliances did not have circuit breakers installed spikes in electricity would overheat the electronic device. Circuit breakers make sure that a steady stream of electricity is being supplied to the appliance.

Circuit breakers are very important an should be installed by an electrician. At Certified Electrical Technologies, the electricians specialize in circuit break replacement. If your circuit breaker needs to be replaced you can trust the electrical technicians at the Baltimore Certified Electrical Technologies.

Have you noticed the circuit breaker in your home frequently tripping? When you touch your circuit breaker is it hot? If either of these things are true then you may be in need of a circuit breaker replacement.

When you know that your need a circuit breaker replacement or repair contact Certified Electrical Technologies in Baltimore.

Knowing When You Need A Circuit Breaker Replacement

The key is knowing when you need a circuit breaker replacement so that you don’t waste your time wonder what is wrong with your home’s electrical system. Many residential electrical problems can be resolved promptly b replacing your circuit breaker. The best way to tell if it is time to contact CET for a replacement is:

  • When your circuit breaker trips regularly, even after you reset it
  • The circuit breaker feels hot when you touch it
  • You can smell a burning scent coming from the electrical panel
  • You notice visible damage or frayed wires
  • You hear a buzzing sound coming from the panel or a pop when the breaker goes out

If you are noticing these signs then you should contact CET as soon as you can! The reason for urgency is because circuit breakers that have not been maintained can become fire hazards.

Listen for the sound of buzzing, hissing or popping coming from your breaker box. These noises indicate that there is a problem with the breaker. They may also mean that there is an issue known as a arc fault present. Certified Electrical Technologies in Baltimore can take care of fault arcs for you by installing an interrupter. Interrupts are devices that shut down the circuit when these issues occur.

What to do if my circuit breaker keeps tripping?

Have you noticed that your circuit breaker is always tripping? One reason for this could be that you have an overloaded circuit. These days many older homes do not have electrical systems that can keep up with all of the modern electricians that we use. If you have many electric appliances plugged in at once it could be the cause of the regular tripping.

If you wish to resolve this issue the best thing that you can do is invest in a “Heavy Up”. A Heavy Up is an upgrade of your home’s electrical system.

Certified Electrical Technologies in Baltimore provide Heavy Up services for homeowners.

What is a double tapped circuit breaker?

A very common residential electrical issue is called a double tapped circuit breaker. This is when two wires are connected to the same electrical panel. Double tapping normally isn’t a problem when the electrical system has been designed to handle it. It does however become a problem when the circuit is overloaded.

Thankfully double tapped circuit breakers are easy to resolve. The professional electricians at CET in Baltimore can repair your double trapper circuit breaker so that your electrical system operates more efficiently.

For all your circuit breaker replacement needs in Maryland and Virginia contact the electricians at Certified Electricians today (410) 823-5252